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"That's around 20 months away so it gives us enough time to plan.

If that doesn't happen then it will be 2019." Alex popped the question over a romantic dinner in New York on December 30.

magazine the couple had given their notice of marriage. Online at This Morning Live at the end of May 2018, Olivia revealed the wedding is just three months away.

It’s not really me to buy a dress like that because I’m a high street girl and I’m not very designer.She confessed: "I got one of my friends to be the wedding planner so I’ve got help on hand now." Earlier this year, Olivia appeared on reality TV show Say Yes To The Dress, where the star got the chance to try on a collection of gowns. I need him to stop him form watching Say Yes To The Dress because if he catches a glimpse of it I'm pretty sure he will cry. magazine, Olivia revealed she and Alex both want to get married surrounded by sophistication. Announcing their engagement on December 30, Alex and Olivia have confirmed on Snapchat they've already set a wedding date.Talking about her time on the show, she commented: "I’m so excited but I’m so nervous to watch it because I know I threw a little bit of a tantrum, I cried! "It was amazing, meeting David was crazy and my Mum really wanted to meet him as well so I had my Mum, my Nan and my aunty there, which was cool because they got to meet him as well." Olivia revealed Alex's speech will be an emotional one in an interview with New! "It's so nice that he's in touch with that side though, so I can imagine his speech being quite a good one. Still enjoying their city break in New York at the time, the Essex-born reality star showed off her sparkly engagement ring to reveal the big news."I’m getting into it but it’s so much for one person to do with everything else that’s been going on.Alex is doing his brand and I’m helping him with that.The copyrighted materials in this publication are provided for personal or internal business purposes only unless otherwise agreed in writing.

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