Auspost tracking not updating

If the scans haven't updated by Wednesday next week and you haven't received the parcel, please reach out to the sender and ask them to raise an investigation with their postal authority on your behalf, who will in turn liaise with us to find out what's going on.Roxy Hi Balazs, Hmm, that's unusual as this item definitely isn't going to the US and I can't see any information from my end showing that it is. The item was lodged on the 4th and is currently in transit on its way over to you.As you haven't provided the tracking number I'm not able to look into this further but if you contact us privately on Facebook or Twitter out Social Media team will be able to take a look over everything for you.~Sami Hey LJC, This is definitely a strange situation.If you have a case logged with us to investigate this we will look into it to try and work out what has happened.If you'd like further assistance with your case please feel free to contact us on Facebook/Twitter or on 13 13 18.

They will then liaise with us as required to find out what's happening with this delivery.As this should have happened by now I recommend contacting the sender about this to get them to begin an investigation with China post to get this looked into further.~Sami Hey Namoi K, Thanks for getting in touch with us about this article.Have your case number handy so our agents can find your investigation quickly to look over everything.~Sami Hi Kat, Sure, so looking at the scans for this one I can see it arrived in Melbourne on the 3rd and is being processed as we speak.If it has been 3 business days past the expected delivery date please contact the sender of each item for further assistance.

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