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To Sumerians, Babylonians, Assyrians, and Jews there were male and female demons (Jewish demons were mostly male, although female examples such as Lilith exist).

In Christian demonology and theology there is debate over the gender and sexual proclivities of demons.

an early treatise on demons of Judeo-Christian origin, presents the demon Ornias, who assumes the shape of a woman to copulate with men (though in other versions he does it while in the shape of an old man).

After meeting him, king Solomon asks Beelzebub if there are female demons, suggesting a difference between male shapeshifting demons (incubi/succubi) and genuine female demons.

why did God, Creator wise, that peopled highest Heaven With Spirits masculine, create at last This novelty on earth, this fair defect Of nature, and not fill the world at once With Men, as Angels, without feminin;" Gregory of Nyssa (4th century), as well as Ludovico Maria Sinistrari (17th century), believed in male and female demons, or at the very least demons having male and female characteristics.

Lust in demons is a controversial theme for Christian demonology, and scholars disagree on the subject.

Everywhere else demons are described as male, and Satan is the father of Death with Sin, a female spirit.

Adam explicitly states that all angels of heaven are masculine: " O!

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This is true also for succubi, who despite taking a female shape to copulate with men, are often thought of as male nonetheless.Augustine of Hippo (5th century), Hincmar (early French theologian, archbishop of Rheims, 9th century), Michael Psellus (11th century), William of Auvergne, Bishop of Paris (13th century), Johannes Tauler (14th century), and Ludovico Maria Sinistrari (17th century), among others, supported the idea that demons were lustful and lascivious beings.Plutarch (1st and 2nd centuries), Thomas Aquinas (13th century), Nicholas Remy (16th century), and Henri Boguet (16th and 17th centuries), among others, disagreed, saying that demons did not know lust or desire and cannot have good feelings like love; as jealousy would be a consequence of love, they could not be jealous. Heinrich Kramer and Jacob Sprenger (15th century), authors of the Malleus Maleficarum, adopted an intermediate position.Vi tilhører det svenske handelskonsernet Addtech AB, som med en rekke selskaper innen Skandinavia er en av de ledende innen høyteknologiske løsninger basert på industrikomponenter og Enten det innebærer å erstatte pneumatiske bevegelser eller å lage avanserte roboter, finnes det en elmotorbasert løsning for ditt bruksområde.Vi tar gjerne i mot dine utfordringer og leverer komplette løsninger basert på små og mellomstore elektriske motorer, skreddersydd til dine spesifikke behov.Aratron Hydraulikk AS representerer flere ledende produsenter innen våre produktområder, og vi har egne søsterselskaper i Sverige, Danmark og Finland. Våre ingeniører stiller alltid opp for deg og din bedrift, slik at vi sammen kan finne den mest optimale løsningen, så vel teknisk som økonomisk.

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