Alison brie dating


I was just like, ‘Well, that’s not my life path, because I’m choosing this crazy lifestyle.’ And then, you know, I fell in love. Acting is fulfilling, but it’s also not the only thing.

Franco and Brie are a big-time celebrity couple, but don’t anticipate a huge wedding for them.

Determined to stay friends despite their mutual attraction, they make a pact to keep it platonic, a deal that proves easier said than done.

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When talking to People about her engagement, she referred to him as “wonderful” and “just the sweetest man I know.She is active on Instagram and Twitter but she is not active on Facebook.She has more than 456 k followers on Instagram and has more than 904k followers on Twitter.Instead, the pair was seen holding hands together as they went grocery shopping.At the time, Brie was still on television shows like Community and Mad Men, while Franco had recently appeared in 21 Jump Street.This was their first time publicly photographed as a couple, but they weren’t that new of a couple.

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