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The palazzo is located at Piazza della Cancelleria, 1, Roma, less than a mile away from St. Ten Original Sculptures for the Vatican Exhibiton The sculpted works for the exhibition are original creations by Dr. He brings an interpretation of the Madonna and Child based on his experience as a noted art historian of Classical and Renaissance art, his knowledge of religious iconography and his personal observations of the unique relationship between mother and child.

Small clay models for all ten works (see following images) have already been realized by Dr.

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Every work will propose a new image of Mary and Jesus Christ, faithful to the reality of love between mother and child; but also alluding to universal love and to the divine. Alan Pascuzzi Alan Pascuzzi is a sculptor, painter and art historian who has lived in Florence, Italy for the past 20 years.Alan Pascuzzi, a world renowned sculptor and art historian from Florence.The statues will be exhibited in the Palazzo della Cancelleria in Rome.First Edition 2018 Corrections In our article, "Chiriaco Summit" we reported on page 57, that Chiriaco Summit consists of a motel, in addition to other business establishments. Mary Contini Gordon is the author of "Chiriaco Summit, Built by Love to Last in the Desert." The article is based on her book.She contacted us for the following correction: "Chiriaco Summit did have a motel but it was demolished to make room for new buildings which are up and open.A Fulbright scholar with a Ph D in Renaissance art with a concentration on Greek and Roman sculpture and the drawing, painting and sculpting techniques of Michelangelo and other Renaissance masters.

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