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In talk-back sessions for elementary students, participants have the opportunity to try out their own solutions through role-playing.

Programs for middle and high school students allow participants to submit questions anonymously for discussion during the talk-back session.

Scenes will be based on students’ and staff’s own real-life experiences.

This program focuses on identifying emotions, respecting diversity, and treating others kindly.

Often youth can be just as involved with neighborhood watch in their school and after school communities.

As a result of a partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America we created the below publication.

Rewind & Rework Add-on Session: Add on an extra half-hour to any 4th – 12th grade program for students to work directly with RESPECT’s actor-educators to use role-play to problem-solve bullying or relationship challenges that they face.

Through our National Neighborhood Watch division at NSA, we have been incorporating their PACT360 Program in to our training curriculum.

This example has been taken from the website for Arkansas Sheriffs’ Youth Ranches but the premise is similar in each state. Department of Justice as a juvenile crime prevention initiative.

The purpose of the publication is to reinforce crime prevention concepts and provide ideas for youth programs.

RESPECT programs consist of educational theatre presentations paired with panel or group discussions led by community professionals and our actor-educators.

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