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Since 70 years, Hauchler Studio is the only private Technical school for Design, Media, Print and Post-press approved by the German government and offers courses and consulting both in English and German language.World-wide well-known since the 70’s Since the 70’s, the training program Print International conducted in English language is especially designed to meet the demand of training studies for foreign experts and managers, as well as printers and media specialists.Conception of training curriculum for printers in Algier.Consulting Consulting and training at National Printing Technology Training Center, Thailand.Excursions and plant visits give insight into German print and media industry and machine manufacturers.School and living surrounding Hauchler Studio organizes introductory seminar, German course and extra-curricular activities.The town is situated 80 km from the border to Switzerland and Austria.

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Hauchler Studio graduates work as multiplicators by transferring knowledge and skills for the benefit of their companies or schools as well as for their further career.

With Giesecke & Devrient, Klett etc., management courses for plant managers from Myanmar, Sudan, Kuwait and Saudi-Arabia, for Jemen and in Kenia.

Courses for teachers Courses for teachers from Guatemala (DSE) and Indonesia.

Further information Hauchler Studio The Print International programm Without training no progress In the fields of printing and media, the world faces a technological acceleration in development.

Qualification with state-of-the-art machines and equipment as well as modern management methods are urgently needed.

With more than 12.500 graduates including participants from 115 Asian, Arab, Middle and South American as well as African countries, Hauchler Studio plays an important role as a pacesetter in vocational basic and advanced training.

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