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“No spare tire, No jack…Was not told any of the above (about the jack and spare) I called the office and [the dealership] told me they don’t put the jack and spare to get the fuel mileage…not happy with this new Elantra. Well, in 2010, the Department of Transportation and Environmental Protection Agency established new corporate average fuel economy standards for vehicle model years 2012 to 2016.

The new standards are set at a combined 29.7 mpg for the 2012 model year, increasing to 34.1 mpg by 2016.

Instead of a spare, auto makers, from Acura to Volvo, are equipping new vehicles with an emergency sealant and inflator kit or tires that if damaged can run reasonable distances without air.

The vanishing spare tire has car buyers buzzing.“The sad truth is, many vehicle owners are unaware that their late model vehicle has no spare tire until they have a flat tire or a blow-out, and that could cause desperation on the side of the road,” said John B.

“Yet, the emergency sealer/inflators kits are ineffective, if your tire gets a large puncture or has a blow-out."Auto dealerships in the Washington metro area say they are seeing a surge in the number of customers worried about the eventuality of a flat tire and, as a result, they are purchasing spare tire kits for their recently purchased vehicles.

Les Schwab is recalling 41,336 steel-belted radial truck tires that were retreaded for customers.

The vulcanizing compound used during the retreading may not have been completely cured, resulting in incomplete adhesion of the tread to tire casing. has recalled nearly 1,800 units of its Solus KH16 tires (size P225/65R17).

“The customer is very satisfied about the self-cleaning and road performance of the tire” , the Belgium partner gave highly comments on it. Techking is now carrying on the Automechanica Dubai in World Trade Center in Dubai on 1st May.

Detail Feedback Info as Below: From May 29th to June 1st 2018, Techking was showing on The Tire Cologne with new tire product. The 2018 Techking Dubai Expo was started at 10 a.m. This exhibition will be lasting 3 days till 3rd of May.

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